on the day

What to expect on the day?



Get out of your comfort zone and talk to new people. Chat about the one topic you know you will have in common- photography. This is the opportunity to meet new 'work' related friends, someone to lean on when you need a second shooter or direct work to when you are double booked.



You will get the opportunity to do a styled shoot without even batting an eye or losing one night’s sleep because of it.

You will get the opportunity to meet new people, chat to service providers and get an afternoon with no emails, no editing and no hassle. In return, you’ll get beautiful stationery, incredible tablescapes, gorgeous flowers and good coffee, wine and food.



The idea is for you to have the freedom to style, setup up and take your own photos. This is an opportunity for you to take photos the way you want to and experiment with new ideas and styles.

From the moment you step inside the venue, you will find the tables, stationery and models all at your disposal and ready to photograph. You will have the luxury of time on your side, you can take time thinking about your photos instead of just running through your standard shot list. Come be creative!


Of course there has to be some structure on the day. But I promise it won't hinder your creativeness.

At strictly 13:00. Welcome and brief explanation of what is happening and what is expected of you.

After the welcoming and introductions, everybody can part and start photographing whatever their hearts desire.

Each stationery suite is designed by a different designer and each set will be bundled together, please don't mix different designs! Each design will consist of multiple elements like invitation + envelope, RSVP card, direction card, name cards, program and menu.

Grab something to eat or drink and mingle with other attendees and the team of contributors, build up connections and get to know a few new people. 



Remember to bring your wallet with, Papier Handmade and Creative Barn will be exhibiting some of their incredible products on the day, including handmade paper, styling items, styling boards and photography packaging. For those who are thinking about ordering the additional styling kit alongside your admission, you will receive your kit upon arrival on the day.